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  • DanoFive0 ·
    Hey Chad, thanks for starting this site. It is very helpful and informative. I'm an old school gear head that knows about carburetors, crankshafts and leaf springs. I am trying to make the jump into the next generation of computer chips and down pipes. Thanks to sites like yours I can get honest answers from other enthusiasts that aren't just trying to sell me something. I have learned a bunch in a short time and hope to be able to give back to the site with all my trials and tribulations of a new build. Thanks again!
    BamaSTGirl ·
    Hi Chad... Is there anyway we can design a t-shirt for this site... so when we have meet and greets we can represent! :) Mine needs a Race Red ST pic. LOL Congrats on your car! It's a scream! :)
    MikeK ·
    Hi Chad. Love the site. How about a special post when the first group of ST3s are in hands of Nation citizens?
    FlySaab ·
    Chad, I can't wait to buy the new R&T to go with my collection of article about my, soon to be new car.
    cstocker ·
    Hey Chad, Great site, thanks. Had a thought and if any money is to be made it should be by you. What about ST Nation license plate holders? Easy way for us to ID each other.
    oaxa ·
    Hey Thanks for changing the settings to show Avatar & signature.
    Also did you switch servers?
    Site is way faster.
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