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  1. Does the 2012 Focus ST come with a automatic transmission or manual transmission?

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    I have seen this question around the internet, and I want to answer it for anyone asking. The new Focus ST is a 6-Speed Manual Transmission only. The following image is the best example of this. :)
  2. 2012 Ford Focus ST 2.0L EcoBoost I4 Engine Stats

    Focus ST Performance
    2.0L-EcoBoost I-4 Performance And Economy Power Fuel Consumption Performance Engine PS BHP HP (SAE) kW CO2 (g/km) Urban Extra Urban Comb. Max Speed kph (MPH) 0-100 kph 0-62 MPH (sec) 50-100 kph 31-62 mph (sec) Ford Focus ST 5-Door 2.0...