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  1. Remove Shifter-Area Trim on 2015 Focus ST?

    Focus ST How To & Do It Yourself
    I'd like to remove the piece of trim surrounding the boot cover in my 2015 ST, but haven't been able to find any "How-To"s for the newer trim style. I need some tips for getting this trim out without breaking it. Has anyone done so, maybe to install a short-throw shifter or to replace the boot...
  2. First "new" car. Too afraid to start prying pieces off [2015 Focus Titanium Help]

    Focus ST Interior
    First "new" car. Too afraid to start prying pieces off [2015 Focus Titanium Help] I'm already missing the abundance of documentation on my '97 Sable. I recently made an Arduino audio visualizer that does different colors for different audio frequencies. I wanted to just tap it off the audio...
  3. 2015 Focus ST Upgrades, Cobb may be mentioned in here ;)

    CJ Pony Parts
    COBB Tuning | CJ Pony Parts A few weeks ago the Sykes family purchased a brand new 2015 Focus ST. Erin Sykes, the owner of the car, has been such a big fan of our install videos, she contacted us about what modifications to do to her car first. Since we have been looking to get our hands on the...
  4. :ST:Fest 2015 AUGUST 28TH-29TH - Memphis, TN

    2014 FocusFest
    ST FEST 2015 – THE LARGEST FORD ST NATIONAL EVENT AUGUST 28TH-29TH ST Fest is the largest Focus ST and Fiesta ST event that unites Focus ST and Fiesta ST owners from around the world. Focus ST Fest and Fiesta ST Fest includes a day of fun auto racing events where members compete for the fastest...