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  1. COBB Tech Article - Real World Catalyst Temperature R&D

    Focus ST Performance
    Research and Development (R&D) provides us with the necessary information needed to create the highest quality parts and calibrations for your vehicles. One of the many things we do during the R&D process is sample and analyze various temperature data. Today, we would like to present you with...
  2. ST Giveaway! Help me win Yokohama's #RidePride contest and WIN a v3 AcessPort!

    Focus ST General Discussion
    Hey guys, Here's the deal. I'm racing SCCA STX in the 2014 season and I need a new set of R-Compound tires to do it on. Lucky for me that Yokohama has a contest, now, to give away a set of tires a week and, if I win the overall contest, ten thousand dollars. That money would go a long way to...
  3. Announcing immediate availability of COBB products for the USDM 2014 Ford Focus ST!

    Focus ST Performance
    Announcing immediate availability of COBB products for the USDM 2014 Ford Focus ST! COBB Tuning is proud to be first to market with an amazing lineup of performance parts for your brand new 2014 Focus ST! Building upon our extensive knowledge and R&D results, we have added support for Ford’s...
  4. COBB Accesstuner Race and new v104 maps have landed for the Focus ST!

    Focus ST Performance
    Providing the absolute leading edge of Ford Focus ST tuning! COBB is proud to announce the release of Accesstuner Race tuning software for Accessport equipped USDM 2013 Ford Focus ST vehicles. The Accessport is the industry leading hand-held OEM ECU flashing, managing and monitoring device...
  5. Last few days of Cobb Tuning "Tax Refund Sale", Ends 3/31....this Sunday!

    New Edge Performance
    Hurry now! Last few days of the Cobb Tuning "Tax Refund Sale". Sale ends this Sunday, 3/31! AccessPorts, FMIC, and Catted Downpipe in stock!!! Prices go back up Monday! Tony D
  6. Attention: Focus ST Bypass Valve Information

    Focus ST Performance
    It appears that there is a lot of confusion going around about the bypass valve, the sounds it makes, and the job it is there to do. We'd like to clear things up so that you are aware of the way the OEM valve works, and how a tune or aftermarket components can affect it. Introduction to your...
  7. COBB Staged Packages Available for Immediate Pre-Order

    COBB Tuning
    We've been hard at work finalizing the Staged Packages as well as making last minute tweaks to the calibrations. Below you will find information about each of the products we are bringing to market for the 2013 Focus ST. You will also find results from our in-house chassis dynamometer...
  8. Cobb AccessPORT for Focus ST

    Focus ST Performance
    Hey all: We will be announcing delivery dates for the ST AccessPORT on Monday. We will also be posting dyno results for our 91 and 93 octane off the shelf maps. While these maps will keep getting better over time, we are giving away a free AP to the first person that can guess our current HP...