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  1. Fiesta ST General Discussion
    So I just recently got installed my catless DP, cat back exhaust, and rear motor mount. I also have an intake and BOV. It's been about two days now since having the DP and all the new stuff in and this morning has brought up the dreaded engine warning light. I'm relatively new to turbo cars (not...
  2. Fiesta ST Performance
    We have decided to do a group buy with a 20% off discount code!!! The product in this group buy is our new Fiesta :ST: Blow Off Vents - the discount CODE is fiestagroupbuy - Original price $55, with discount they are now $44 each with the code fiestagroupbuy Want that PSSSHHH sound from...
  3. Focus ST Performance
    Installed the turbosmart dual port shortie BOV today. Install took about an hour with the hardest part, minus the lack of space for tools, is lining the bov up with the bracket. Otherwise a very easy install. I am truly pleased with with upgrade.:yay::D
1-3 of 3 Results