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breedt product design

  1. Breedt's New Amazon Store With Lowered Prices

    Breedt Product Design
    Breedt is now on Amazon! Please check out our new web store to take advantage of our newly lowered prices on some of our most popular items. These include some newly lowered prices on several items. Breedt Performance Car Parts · $35 Symposer Deletes: red, blue, black · $79 Quick...
  2. Fiesta ST Blow Off Vent Group Buy - 20% off!

    Fiesta ST Performance
    We have decided to do a group buy with a 20% off discount code!!! The product in this group buy is our new Fiesta :ST: Blow Off Vents - the discount CODE is fiestagroupbuy - Original price $55, with discount they are now $44 each with the code fiestagroupbuy Want that PSSSHHH sound from...
  3. Breedt Intake Manifold Pre Orders

    Focus ST Performance
    The Breedt Intake Manifold will replace the stock plastic manifold that is currently on the car. Features: -Direct port methanol injection -Velocity stacks -Short runners -Intake insulator -Silicone o ring seals -Stainless hardware -Runner and plenum interior surface to promote better meth and...