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  1. '15 Focus ST Stage 1

    Focus ST General Discussion
    2015 Focus ST. Installed parts: Roush Intake system Cobb downpipe Turbo smart BOV Cobb lower engine mount Cobb symposer delete I just received my Accessport in the mail and didn't realize a Requirement for stage 1 was a catback exhaust. Obviously It's something I will get eventually but...
  2. Cobb AP

    Focus ST Performance
    I'm sure this has been addressed MORE THAN ONCE but I'm brand new and itching to pull the trigger on a V3 AP. BUT, it's a 2yr lease. Any thoughts on that? How easy is it to remove all traces of it for service or when returning it? Or do they even care that it was done? Also, thoughts on a...
  3. COBB Accessport has landed down under! ADM support added!

    Focus ST Performance
    COBB Accessport has landed down under! ADM BETA support added! COBB is proud to announce the immediate availability of 2013 ADM Focus ST AccessPORT BETA support! In addition to 2013 US models, we’ve also added Australian ROM support so more people can enjoy the simple plug and play power of...
  4. COBB Stage3 Preliminary Results!

    Focus ST Performance
    So today was a bit of good and bad, and a bit more of a learning experience for this car. I began the day with high hopes of making bajillions of horsepowers with the Stage3 configuration. I setup the car with our Stage2 map to get a baseline with the newly added downpipe. Within the first...
  5. More COBB Focus ST Data and Release Dates

    Focus ST Performance
    Hey again everyone, We've been very busy the last few months here at COBB! Whether it's on the dyno developing calibrations, under the hood creating hard parts, or romping around the streets with Tanner Foust... We have been plugging away to bring you the best possible products for your Focus...