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  1. Focus ST Performance
    Research and Development (R&D) provides us with the necessary information needed to create the highest quality parts and calibrations for your vehicles. One of the many things we do during the R&D process is sample and analyze various temperature data. Today, we would like to present you with...
  2. Focus ST Aftermarket Reviews
    Just installed COBB CAI (puts a HUGE smile on my face everytime i touch the gas), installation was easy, took me a little over 35 minutes. putting wipers back on the right angle was a pain though. Overall i'm really happy with the product. Installed the knob as well, really nice product but man...
  3. My ST
    Unreal's Focus ST Project: "Belle" Welcome to the build page for my 2013 Ford Focus ST which I named "Belle" ("beautiful" in French). A summary of installed modifications include a Quaife QDF41Z limited slip differential, Cobb Tuning AccessPort v2 ECU tuner, cp-e ΔCore inter-cooler, cp-e...
1-3 of 4 Results