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  1. Southeast
    I am in Florida and looking for a catalytic converter for my 2013 ST…. Does anyone have one they would like to part with???
  2. Fiesta ST Repair Shop / Service
    Hey everyone, I'm new here. Looking for a stock/oem exhaust tip to replace a damaged one reasonably priced. Have paypal, etc. Anyone have one they can spare? Preferably with the pipes that go into it but I can probably make it work without those if I have to. Much appreciated!
  3. Focus ST General Discussion
    Hey guys I'm looking into buying the MBRP pro-series catback exhaust for my St. I initially looked at cjponyparts because that's where I've bought some other things. CJPonyParts price: is $679.99...
  4. Focus ST Performance
    I've seen a lot of people doing muffler and/or resonator deletes on their ST's. I asked a guy about it at a local shop and he told me that he wouldn't recommend hacking anything out or cutting the muffler out because he didn't think it'd have enough back pressure. My question is, is this true...
  5. Focus ST Performance
    I've been trying to do my research on exhausts as well as down pipes for my st. I'm learning as I go and enjoy learning new things regarding mechanical systems. My question is what downpipe would be a good fit or for that matter are they all compatible with a roush cat back exhaust? Or does...
  6. Focus ST Aftermarket Reviews
    Today I installed the Steeda CAI and I have to say, worth every penny! Now I am looking to add an exhaust. I see that most people suggest a downpipe along with the exhaust. I have the MBRP 304 Pro Series exhaust and the MBRP Exhaust FGS012 Turbo Down Pipe in my shopping cart. How much hp and...
  7. Focus ST Performance
    Just wanted to keep you all updated on our current products. We have spent the past week getting these thing setup and ready to test next week. These are some of the unfinished products. We will be testing the car stock and with each component one at a time & with a couple different...
  8. Focus ST Performance
    I've always been a big Borla fan and was disappointed to see that they don't have an exhaust system for the ST, so I gave them a call. I was told that they will have one listed for sale by the end of the month! :yay: So for those of you who were looking at the Magnaflow system but prefer Borla...
1-8 of 17 Results