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  1. NEW Front Lip/Splitter for FoST what are your thoughts???

    Focus ST Exterior
    Here are a few pictures of a new front lip/splitter for the FoST. I'm trying to get some members opinions on this one. It comes in a one piece and two piece design. [/ATTACH]
  2. Replacement Focus ST grille options?

    Focus ST Exterior
    I'm probably in the minority here since no one else has mentioned it, but: Is there any way to get the Ford Fusion's Aston Martin-style grille on the Focus ST? The honeycomb looks so cheap to me (just my opinion). I wish someone would manufacture an OEM quality chrome grille like below. What...
  3. Tuxedo Black

    Focus ST Exterior
    Man, I really have to check out Tuxedo Black on a car/truck at a Ford Dealership. I don't care for it based on this picture.