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  1. Welcome Yourself
    Hi guys, just bought a 2015 Fiesta ST (black) - 28K Will be doing some mods over the next few months - trying to take it progressively to Stage 2. Also interested in meeting up with ppl around Atlanta (or ride up the mountains in North GA/NC) Cheers!
  2. Fiesta ST General Discussion
    So I just recently got installed my catless DP, cat back exhaust, and rear motor mount. I also have an intake and BOV. It's been about two days now since having the DP and all the new stuff in and this morning has brought up the dreaded engine warning light. I'm relatively new to turbo cars (not...
  3. Welcome Yourself
    Good Afternoon fellow ST owners! I am currently a proud owner of a 2013 Focus ST. I work as the Accessory Manager at a Ford dealer, in attempt to gain more business and serve our performance car owners better, what kind of accessories would you all buy at the dealer if it was priced the right...
  4. Focus ST Interior
    Hey guys, we have a new product that is available, our Fiesta ST Battery Tie Down. Fiesta ST Battery Hold Down Made from 6061 alum Kit includes all installation hardware Offered anodized in BLACK, BLUE and RED ONLY! The price will be set at $49.99 each.
  5. Fiesta ST Performance
    Hey guys, here is the finalized design of the Breedt Fiesta ST Rear Motor Mount! We have come up with a Rear Motor Mount that reduces wheel hop, increases traction, enhances shifting feel, and, most importantly, gets the power down better all with still retaining near stock NVH. All Breedt...
  6. Focus ST General Discussion
    So for those of you who have take their Fiestas out for a track day, how do you feel about the car? Any issues or concerns with the car or maybe just how you drive? Would any of you make any modifications to the Fiesta to make it more enjoyable to drive? I'm going to be taking my Fiesta out for...
  7. Welcome Yourself
    Hi everyone, I just picked up my Tux Black Fiesta ST with Recaro, Rado grey wheels, sunroof and nav last saturday. I am from NOVA / DC area. This is my first Ford, second car purchased brand new ever. My previous car was an E34 M5 with ~240K miles, actually coming from a long line of various...
  8. My ST
    I finally ordered my Molten Orange FiST September 20th. I went with the matching MO Recaro package, and Gray Redo wheel package with the red brakes. ETA is late November! I'll update as I get more info. Update#1: 11/18/2013 Recieved VIN#: 11/14/2013 New ETA: 12/23/2013 :thumb:
  9. Fiesta ST Performance
    What is it? The Ford Fiesta ST: one of the best new hot hatchbacks we’ve tested lately and – manna from heaven for a road tester – a car whose greatness depends not a jot on optional equipment. There is one alloy wheel and tyre combination (you can have the former painted if you like), one...
  10. Fiesta ST General Discussion
    Hey found this today, was posted as new, not a full lap video. Watch Tanner Foust hustle the Fiesta ST 'round the 'Ring - Autoblog
  11. Fiesta ST General Discussion
    Hey guys, I found this on the ford site already! not sure if it was already posted
  12. Welcome Yourself
    Hey all. Anyone seen this? A new Ford "EcoBoost" Drive Event where you can drive both the Fiesta ST and Focus ST on a timed course. Like last year's ST Performance Academy. Open to the public starting next month. Registration open now.
  13. Fiesta ST General Discussion
    Here is your chance to get involved with the next wave of social media. Ford is looking for 100 social media agents for the new Fiesta and Fiesta ST. Your mission, is you choose to accept is to tell the story of the new 2014 Fiesta and Fiesta ST. Apply Here: Home | The Fiesta Movement |...
  14. Fiesta ST General Discussion
    This week Ford announced that they would extend an agreement with M-Sport for another 2 years. A long term agreement with M-Sport which operates Ford's WRC activities since 1997. Although the WRC Fiesta is a RS model, this extension could mean that Ford will be more serious with their Fiesta...
  15. Focus ST General Discussion
    I emailed Ford PR department here in the U.S. I thought I would ask some questions. Here are the responses: Can you confirm the Focus ST, and the Fiesta ST appearance at NAIAS? NAIAS is always a great place to showcase our current show cars and products. At this time it is too early to discuss...
  16. Top Stories
    More than likely the 2013 Focus ST Production car will be in this show. However, this has yet to be confirmed. I did send a email to Ford's Public Relations department head inquiring for information on the Focus ST and Fiesta ST. Also, I am sure the 2013 Fiesta ST Concept will be there...
  17. Fiesta ST General Discussion
    I found this on, but Ford EU might be telling more than Ford NA. However, according this the source, we could see the Fiesta ST late 2012? So a 2013 Ford Fiesta ST with a 1.6L EcoBoost I4 with 178HP! "The launch timing, at the end of 2012, will coincide with the Fiesta’s...
  18. Fiesta ST General Discussion
    Here is a cool video of the Fiesta ST Concept 3-door EU version. Man I love that 3-door version of the Fiesta ST. To me it will be a lot funner to drive the 3-door version the US 5-door. I want to move to Europe just to do that :) Maybe I can import it! The wife is get a 2 door, thats...
1-18 of 28 Results