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  1. Focus ST COBB FMIC Kit Install Video 2013-2014

    CJ Pony Parts
    COBB 791500 Focus ST Front Mount Intercooler 2013-2014 Today we are installing the COBB Front Mount Intercooler on our 2013 Focus ST. Cooler air means more horsepower, and with a new Front Mount Intercooler from COBB, your Focus ST will be running at its best! Even when stock, your factory...
  2. FOR SALE FS: Focus ST aftermarket parts (Ohio)

    Going to get things listed and will start taking parts off the car this week. Parts will be sold as is no questions. a. Your Item Description - SEE BELOW b. Your Location - Williamsburg Ohio c. Your Asking Price - See below d. Any Related Photos (Optional) e. Person placing ad - Me f...