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  1. Focus Rising 2014 (aka FR14)
    If your going, vote in the poll. This will help me compile a list of members that are attending this year. Come on out and represent the ST. Last year we had 20 ST owners attend the event. This year I'd like to see 50!
  2. Focus Rising 2013
    Today was my first time autocrossing. Had a blast! The ST was just perfect. Only reason my times weren't even better was because I made some mistakes. Getting off the gas too early and not braking enough on the off-camber turn were big ones. Still, got a decent time, 26.04s. Comes out to about...
  3. Focus Rising 2013
    In coordination with Focaljet, Ford ST Nation is excited to announce that we will be attending Focus Rising 13 or FR13 for short. The event will be held at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle PA June 7 - June 9, 2013. This is to be the fifth annual Focus Rising event! This event focuses (pun...
1-3 of 3 Results