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  1. Focus ST General Discussion
    Since the L.A. Auto show, we have seem a lesser Focus ST and the concept/production model. We've seen it, the orange car with sexy projector headlamps with LED day time running lights. And the blue car with the normal lights. To me, those projector lamps make the car look REAL good...
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    I wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone's day was wonderful. If you are Black Friday shopping this evening, please be safe. I am in North Carolina with my Family right now. We had some wonderful food made by the Mother and Sister. It is such a good time of the...
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    Edmund's Inside posts Ford Fiesta ST Video Review from LA Auto Show Link:
  4. Ford ST Nation Information
    Follow us!!/fordstnation
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    Live LA Auto Show - Ford Shows 8 New models PHOTO BY JASON RZUCIDLO / © I found this video presentation from the LA auto show. Its not much news, but they do highlight the Focus ST, and the Fiesta ST I originally found this information at
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    Another Focus ST Photo Gallery from the L.A. Auto Show Left Lane has 5 more shots the Focus ST orange color. Thought to be the fully loaded version of the 2013 model. A Focus ST3. It is interesting all of the different angles we are getting from the L.A Auto Show. This car is just...
  7. Top Stories Focus ST Galley at LA Auto Show has put together an extensive photo shoot of the Blue Focus ST show at the L.A. Auto Show. There are some nice shots here. I love the close ups of the seats and the gear sifter. This car looks amazing! photos by Ian Merritt...
  8. Top Stories has posted a video from the LA Auto Show about the Focus ST and Fiesta ST. Nothing new, but just some live close ups. Original Article:
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    Ford Focus ST Colour Blue, sun roof and non Bi-Xenon headlights has some pictures of a Blue Focus ST from the L.A Auto Show. Clearly, it is a lower trim. It seems to look like a ST1. If you look closely, you can see blue on the leather seats, and a sun roof. This is a first...
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    Still a concept car! Ford has not yet announced their intentions to produce this master piece in the US. A 1.6-liter turbocharged I-4 should produce about 177 hp and 178 lb-ft of torque, and will be mated with a six-speed manual transmission. We all know that Ford should produce it, but only...
  11. Focus ST General Discussion
    Ford Focus ST Trim and Spec: Get the Full document here: As of Frankfurt Auto Show, this document was pulled off of website. Ford EcoBoost I4 Specs: <tbody> Basic Vehicle Information Model Year 2012 Vehicle Name Ford Focus ST Vehicle Type 5 Door hatchback/...
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    Originally gathered from Motor, who posted Live Shots of the Focus ST. Access the original article here: Access the original photo gallery here...
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    The Focus ST on display at the 2011 Woodward Dream Cruise event. Here are a few images. Also found on the Ford Focus Facebook page. Ford Focus ST Facebook Page
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    Photos by Auto Express Taken in Michigan, USA. From what I understand the US will get a 5 door only, and Europe can expect both versions?
1-14 of 14 Results