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  1. Focus ST Exterior
    Hello all !! This is my first post :) I'm in the bay area and I'm planning to pick up a OW ST within the next two weeks. The question is ST2 or ST3. I know this topic has been discussed over and over and I will not ask that again. Rather the question is - should I get the ST3 just for HID...
  2. Focus ST General Discussion
    Sorry if this belongs in the Exterior section--feel free to move Mods. Is anyone else noticing a flicker in the stock HIDs (ST3) when hitting bumps, holes, sewer covers, etc? I don't think mind are auto-leveling--I really think they are flickering. It happens even on very slight bumps and...
  3. Focus ST Exterior
    Project Specs: 2012 Reflector Lamps Custom LED DRL with custom optics Quad projectors - 3 inch low, 2.5 inch HIGH LED turning lights 35 watt HID system for low and high D2S: OSRAM XENARC 66240 CBI for low H1 HID bulbs for high I am in the process of buying a salvaged pair on Focus headlamps...
1-3 of 3 Results