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  1. Focus ST Performance
    The Breedt Intake Manifold will replace the stock plastic manifold that is currently on the car. Features: -Direct port methanol injection -Velocity stacks -Short runners -Intake insulator -Silicone o ring seals -Stainless hardware -Runner and plenum interior surface to promote better meth and...
  2. Performance
    Going to get things listed and will start taking parts off the car this week. Parts will be sold as is no questions. a. Your Item Description - SEE BELOW b. Your Location - Williamsburg Ohio c. Your Asking Price - See below d. Any Related Photos (Optional) e. Person placing ad - Me f...
  3. Focus ST Performance
    Just wanted to keep you all updated on our current products. We have spent the past week getting these thing setup and ready to test next week. These are some of the unfinished products. We will be testing the car stock and with each component one at a time & with a couple different...
1-3 of 8 Results