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  1. James Barone Racing
    Details: James Barone Racing, Custom Fabrication The JBR Transmission Mount is a vertically oriented motor mount . An almost identical mount has been in production and in use on the MAZDASPEED 3 platform for over 4 years and has become the worlds most popular since it's release. This...
  2. James Barone Racing
    Why is an Oil Catch Can Kit so important? Because the 2.0L Ecoboost Motor found in the Focus ST is a Direct Injection Motor. In a nutshell, Direct Injection is when the fuel injector nozzles are located in each cylinder versus being located in the intake manifold, like most multi-port injected...
  3. James Barone Racing
    It would appear that the makers of front-wheel drive cars with engines that are making any kind of power have forgotten or chosen to ignore what it takes to get that power to the ground. Instead, they've equipped these performance cars with engine mounts that have only comfort in mind. Well what...
1-3 of 3 Results