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  1. Welcome Yourself
    Hey gang, I'm a new owner of a fantastic Ford product. While its not a focus ST, I now have two 2013 Ford C-Max hybrids. You may think its odd that I am registered in these forums and frankly I don't blame you. However, I registered because my C-Max's have a far more expanded MFT interface than...
  2. Focus ST Interior
    I just got my ST (without navigation) on Friday and I love it so far. My only complaint is the issue playing music through the SD card. With no card inserted, when I go to the entertainment screen and scroll through the audio source options (FM, AM, Sirius, CD, etc.), SD Card shows up in the...
  3. Focus ST Interior
    Hoping this is an easy fix or I've simply not pressed the right button... When listening to Sirius, if I want to browse through the channels by category, I click that button and it takes me to this screen below. I can't get out of that screen. I think that was the channel I was listening to...
  4. Focus ST Interior
    Hoping someone can answer this basic question for me: how should I connect my iPhone to MFT? I know you can either connect via bluetooth or the dock connector, but I also know that they work different. So if you're connected via BT you get handsfree calling but lose cover art when streaming...
1-4 of 4 Results