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  1. Retrofit Apple Carplay for 2013 Ford Focus ST

    Focus ST Repair Shop / Service
    I have a 2013 Ford Focus ST with navigation. I would like to retrofit the Sync 2 with Sync 3 and have AppleCarplay as my digital display. I found one source at, with either navigation or no navigation. Since I have not used or updated my navigation in about three years and...
  2. Navigation with Android's Google Maps limitation

    Focus ST General Discussion
    Does anyone else have the issue with using Google Maps on their Android (Nexus 5 with Kit-Kat OS) for navigation where you have to be in Sync’s Bluetooth mode to get any instructions through the car’s speakers? My last phone, the iPhone 4S, didn’t have this problem. I could have Sync set to FM...
  3. LockPick2 installed - Nav, A/V, & more unlocked while driving + reverse camera

    Focus ST Interior
    I finished the (very easy) install of my new MyTouch LockPick2 from Coastal Electronic Technologies. Just wanted to report, after the 10 minutes or so of installing the hardware, I am very impressed with how easily this system works. A few quirks I have noticed though: Unlock while driving...
  4. Ford SYNC Glitches

    Focus ST Repair Shop / Service
    Has anyone experienced any SYNC glitches? Today I was trying to use the navigation and only half of the map was showing up....