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  1. Focus ST Repair Shop / Service
    Hey everyone, I just had to file a claim with Flo (Progressive) because a large tree branch fell onto the front of the hood last week during the ultra-windy days we had here. Small ding and a 2-inch section of the front hood lip is bent, with paint starting to crack. I have the check in hand...
  2. Focus ST Exterior
    Hello everyone! This will be my first post on this forum!!! I got bored and decided to do a little paint scheme project for my rims. Hope you like em. ***Disclaimer-No painting was taken place inside. They rims were painted outside and then brought in to dry.*** So first I wet sanded the...
  3. Focus ST Exterior
    Was driving through town a few weeks ago. Drivers door got hit with a disc-golf Frisbee. Made a pretty good dent and removed paint to the metal. Any suggestions??
  4. Focus ST Exterior
    I've seen somewhere a few pictures of STs with the very edge of the opening of the grille painted. I was wondering if i could get some more pictures of them on here to easily come back to it. I will be getting my ST3 shortly, may just wait for the 2014 at this point but thats my only wait...
  5. Focus ST Exterior
    Bound to happen eventually, but it's always painful to see the first one in an otherwise flawless finish. Rock came off a dump truck on the highway and caught my hood right above the "Ford" logo, then bounced and made a secondary scratch about 2/3 of the way up. Made an awful cracking noise as...
  6. Focus ST Exterior
    Man, I really have to check out Tuxedo Black on a car/truck at a Ford Dealership. I don't care for it based on this picture.
1-6 of 6 Results