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  1. Welcome Yourself
    Looking for the must have first upgrades
  2. Focus ST Performance
    I'm relatively new to the world of STs and really new to modifying cars as well. I want to get some more horsepower out of my ST and get a bit more sound from it also without doing or spending a ton. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I've been thinking blow off valve, cold air...
  3. Focus ST General Discussion
    Good morning everyone. I'm seeking some input today from my fellow ST owners. I'm currently driving a 13 Focus ST3. Black on Black, lowered, with a Cobb intake, a Roush Exhaust, and a Turbosmart BOV. I love my car and love making modifications to it. So I have a question to that end. I'm the...
  4. Welcome Yourself
    Good Afternoon fellow ST owners! I am currently a proud owner of a 2013 Focus ST. I work as the Accessory Manager at a Ford dealer, in attempt to gain more business and serve our performance car owners better, what kind of accessories would you all buy at the dealer if it was priced the right...
1-4 of 4 Results