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  1. What to tell fswerx when ordering access port

    My ST
    Hi all new poster long time reader. I have owned by 2013 focus ST for six months now and it's time for the modding to begin. First things first I want to get an access port from FSWERXS because I heard they have awesome maps preloaded. My question is when you go to the website and order the...
  2. Engine Stutter Around 1,500 rpm and 40 mph

    Focus ST Repair Shop / Service
    I've noticed that once or twice a month I get an unusual engine stutter from my 2013 Focus ST2. It happens between 1,000 and 2,000 rpm, usually around 1,500 rpm and when I'm going between 30-50 mph. I'm usually in 5th or 6th gear. There is a noticeable vibration and lack of power, even more so...
  3. COBB Accessport has landed down under! ADM support added!

    Focus ST Performance
    COBB Accessport has landed down under! ADM BETA support added! COBB is proud to announce the immediate availability of 2013 ADM Focus ST AccessPORT BETA support! In addition to 2013 US models, we’ve also added Australian ROM support so more people can enjoy the simple plug and play power of...
  4. Attention: Focus ST Bypass Valve Information

    Focus ST Performance
    It appears that there is a lot of confusion going around about the bypass valve, the sounds it makes, and the job it is there to do. We'd like to clear things up so that you are aware of the way the OEM valve works, and how a tune or aftermarket components can affect it. Introduction to your...
  5. Cobb AccessPORT for Focus ST

    Focus ST Performance
    Hey all: We will be announcing delivery dates for the ST AccessPORT on Monday. We will also be posting dyno results for our 91 and 93 octane off the shelf maps. While these maps will keep getting better over time, we are giving away a free AP to the first person that can guess our current HP...