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  1. Spool Tuning 2013-2014 Focus ST Ford Racing Recaro Seats

    CJ Pony Parts
    Ford Racing M-63660005-FS Focus ST 2013-2014 Recaro Seats Pair For this video we are taking a close look at a pair of Ford Racing Recaro seats fitting the 2013-2014 Focus. If you got your new Focus ST but regret not getting the Recaro seat option, now is the perfect time to upgrade. These...
  2. Recardo Seat Delay Ending - Delaying Building of Focus STs

    Focus ST General Discussion
    In case some of you ordered some ST2/3s and are unaware of why it seems to be taking so long: I just got a call from my dealer explaining why it is taking so long for the car I ordered. I ordered an ST3 12-8-2012 and still don't have the VIN#. His manager was in contact with someone at the...
  3. Attn: Someone who owns a ST2/3 and a current gen Mustang (headrests)

    Focus ST General Discussion
    I have a request for someone who either works at a dealer or owns a 2010-2013 Mustang and a Recaro-equipped ST - can you see if headrests from the Mustang will fit the Recaros? I can't stand the Recaro's tilted headrests and I want to know if these would fit and improve the situation - MRT...