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  1. Focus ST Repair Shop / Service
    2014, less than 2k miles. On start up occasionally my RPMs drop and she shutters for a second, then RPM's return to normal idle. Any ideas? If it keeps up, I'm taking her in.
  2. Focus ST Exterior
    Was driving through town a few weeks ago. Drivers door got hit with a disc-golf Frisbee. Made a pretty good dent and removed paint to the metal. Any suggestions??
  3. Focus ST Repair Shop / Service
    After almost 9 months I finally got to 5k miles! I was on going to meet some people out in the burbs, When I looked down and saw this: with another 32 mile to go this trip, It's time to get the oil changed. About time!. I can check out all the new Mustangs the Dealer just got...
  4. Focus ST Exterior
    Bound to happen eventually, but it's always painful to see the first one in an otherwise flawless finish. Rock came off a dump truck on the highway and caught my hood right above the "Ford" logo, then bounced and made a secondary scratch about 2/3 of the way up. Made an awful cracking noise as...
1-4 of 4 Results