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  1. Detailing
    Has anyone used Chemical Guys for interior cleaning and wax? If so which ones?
  2. My ST
    Hi there! I would like some opinions and/or good to know when modding my ST. I can start of with that I am completely in love with it and that is why I am gonna start modding it I will list below - What I have decided on and what I am still contemplating. If anyone has experience and/or better...
  3. Focus ST General Discussion
    2015 Focus ST. Installed parts: Roush Intake system Cobb downpipe Turbo smart BOV Cobb lower engine mount Cobb symposer delete I just received my Accessport in the mail and didn't realize a Requirement for stage 1 was a catback exhaust. Obviously It's something I will get eventually but...
  4. Welcome Yourself
    Hello everyone, I have a 2014 Fiesta ST. So far all I have is cobb intake, cobb RMM, Turbosmart shorty dual port BOV, COBB access port, Cobb sport lowering springs. I am waiting untill I ship my ST back to the statets in a few months to make any other mods.
  5. Focus ST General Discussion
    Hello! I am from Australia! I have a question regarding my 2013 Focus ST. I just noticed (at the time I was writing this) that when I press on my clutch pedal, the RPM doesn't go down straightaway. Like there was a second or 2 delay before the RPM goes down. Also from 6th Gear and stopping on a...
  6. Focus ST General Discussion
    Good morning everyone. I'm seeking some input today from my fellow ST owners. I'm currently driving a 13 Focus ST3. Black on Black, lowered, with a Cobb intake, a Roush Exhaust, and a Turbosmart BOV. I love my car and love making modifications to it. So I have a question to that end. I'm the...
  7. Fiesta ST Interior
    Hey guys, we have a new product that is available, our Fiesta ST Battery Tie Down. Fiesta ST Battery Hold Down Made from 6061 alum Kit includes all installation hardware Offered anodized in BLACK, BLUE and RED ONLY! The price will be set at $49.99 each.
  8. My ST
    tints- 20s all around muffler delete waiting for more serious mods anyone else local got one? its been a rough winter haha i would end up in a ditch! luckily no damage!!:ST::p
  9. The Motorsport Track
    The Mountune-worked Fiesta ST GRC does 0-to-60 mph in 1.9 seconds. On any given day, and every single weekend, there's at least one parking in the country invaded by manufacturer and team trucks. The be-chromed beasts and their 53-foot trailers are slotted into rows, men and women decorate the...
  10. California Its that easy, click and Lets ride. Id like to set up WEEKLY meets, but lets see everyone is located.
  11. Welcome Yourself
    Hey everybody, name is Josh and I am the proud owner of a 2013 Ford Focus ST with the Tangerine Scream scheme. I am upgrading from a 2013 Ford Focus Titanium. I am the Internet Sales Manager at a Ford Dealership in VA, so when they unloaded this little pocket rocket, I knew I had to have it...
  12. My ST
    Hey Guys Well it was time to trade in the old BF SR "GT" that I had spent much loved time on. However drove the new Focus ST the other week (while actually looking for a car for my brother) and instantly had to have it. Bit of negotiations and at the end of it my brother and I both walked...
  13. Focus ST Performance
    Welcome to my install & review of the CP-E Exhaust! This is the box it came in. The packing was extreme. Meaning, it was packed so well, I was impressed. The box is about as tall as me. Once unpacked this is what you got! The instructions that come with the setup are great, and easy...
  14. Fiesta ST General Discussion
    Here is your chance to get involved with the next wave of social media. Ford is looking for 100 social media agents for the new Fiesta and Fiesta ST. Your mission, is you choose to accept is to tell the story of the new 2014 Fiesta and Fiesta ST. Apply Here: Home | The Fiesta Movement |...
  15. Focus ST Videos
    Focus ST-GoPro Stave Mill Rd. - YouTube This is some video I shot using my GoPro. Typical back road where I live. Enjoy!:thumb:
  16. 2012 SEMA Archive
    Hello Folks We just finished dinner with cp-e™, and WOW. These guys have a ton of after market planned. Its not funny, When they say "serious performance from serious engineering" they mean it. Not to say any other after market company knows what up, but these guys knows whats up. They...
  17. My ST
    meet STacy! She's a beauty :) more pictures to come!
  18. Focus ST General Discussion
    I'm doing my best to be patient until the ST comes out. I have no problem waiting. Some fears I have are that it is a first year car (granted the focus has done well overseas) and there may be issues I can't stand that are fixed in the 2014 model year. Short rev-range. Max is 7k rpm. I...
1-18 of 38 Results