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  1. Focus ST Interior
    Hello! I recently bought a 2018 Focus ST1 but I kinda like the look of the recaro seats. The ST1 seats are very comfortable and from what I've read it sounds like the recaro seats can be uncomfortable. I'm 5'10" 170 and I'm wondering if it's worth looking for someone who wants to trade seats or...
  2. Welcome Yourself
    Just picked up my Performance blue ST2 yesterday, traded in my saleen for it. before After
  3. My ST
    All, Yes!!!:yay: I've finally got my prize after waiting so patiently for over 2 years. I've wanted this car since it debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and have had to go through some really tough times with my old 2000 Mercury Mystique. A quick run down on what I have had to replace: Rear...
  4. My ST
    So I worked the deal for the sale of my E36 M3 Sedan with 183,000 to a gentleman that will be able to maintain it better than I could. Still, I am excited cause I am 3 for 3 with finding "my built" car at a dealer local to me. I bought the car with my companies X-Plan so it helped a little...
  5. Focus ST General Discussion
    Hi Folks, I test drove a Tangerine Scream - ST2 today at Atchinson Ford in Belleville - Michigan today and wanted to share some thoughts :D First up, it's a real blast to drive, really easy and very natural to get used to, the clutch bite point is on the lower half of the full cycle, feels...
  6. Focus ST General Discussion
    Ford Focus ST Trim and Spec: Get the Full document here: As of Frankfurt Auto Show, this document was pulled off of website. Ford EcoBoost I4 Specs: <tbody> Basic Vehicle Information Model Year 2012 Vehicle Name Ford Focus ST Vehicle Type 5 Door hatchback/...
1-6 of 6 Results