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  1. 2013 ST3 Tanagerine Scream stock & adult driven for sale

    Tangerine Scream with 32K adult driven miles. Only 713 ST3's in this color were made in 2013. All factory original and very mods whatsoever. Had the well known issue with engine mounts replaced under recall and made huge difference. Just put on new Centric rotors and EBC Red Stuff...
  2. New to ST Nation

    Welcome Yourself
    Good afternoon, I'm from Chesapeake, Virginia and a proud owner of the 2015 Performance Blue Ford Focus ST-3 since early May. Must say, this is what I would call love at first sight and all the other times I catch a glimpse of it.
  3. My 2014 OW ST3 First Pic

    My ST
  4. Hello from Little Rock

    Welcome Yourself
    Grabbed a 2014 :ST: OW ST3 a couple months ago... Been lurking since. Time for me to join in. Bone stock, had the knock bang TSB performed... about 2,000 miles on it now. Lots of great stuff going on in this forum! Looking forward to more.
  5. My Tuxedo Black ST3!! Northwest Indiana. got it a few months ago! new to st nation

    My ST
    tints- 20s all around muffler delete waiting for more serious mods anyone else local got one? its been a rough winter haha i would end up in a ditch! luckily no damage!!:ST::p
  6. FOR SALE '13 PB ST3 (Minus Moonroof) - 65XX miles - $26,500 (NW OHIO)

    CAR HAS BEEN SOLD. Parts still available: -Cobb AP (V2) -CPE Stage 2 RMM -Weathertech Digitalfit Floormats (Front and Rear, not cargo) -All stock parts are available -I also have 17" Black Winter Pro Wheels with Blizzak WS70s 215/50R17 (these have maybe a few thousand miles on them). PM me...
  7. Hello from Chicago

    Welcome Yourself
    Picked up a new black/black ST3 a few weeks ago. Loving it. Sync is a mindfuck but the car is a dream to drive. Seems like a great little community, and constantly checking to see if I cross paths with another in Chicago!
  8. My New Quest: Quad Projector Headlamps

    Focus ST Exterior
    Project Specs: 2012 Reflector Lamps Custom LED DRL with custom optics Quad projectors - 3 inch low, 2.5 inch HIGH LED turning lights 35 watt HID system for low and high D2S: OSRAM XENARC 66240 CBI for low H1 HID bulbs for high I am in the process of buying a salvaged pair on Focus headlamps...
  9. ST3 Headlamp Fault

    Focus ST Exterior
    Has anyone with an ST3 received this error message? I believe it was something like "Headlamp Fault. Service Required". Headlights seem to be working fine. I brought my car into the dealership this morning to have that checked out as well as see if I can get the MFT update. They took longer than...
  10. Focus ST3 Projector HID Specs - D8S

    Focus ST Exterior
    Hello Folks Just wanted to give everyone a run down of the HID in the ST3. These are electronic gas powered headlight lamps. Bulb Type: D8S Manufacture: OSRAM Type: OSRAM XENARC Watts: 25 Luminous: 2000 Color Temperature Kelvin: 4,500 Luminous Efficacy: 80 Lums per watt Lamp Life: 3000 hours...
  11. Possible ST3 Sighted

    Focus ST General Discussion
    Was driving on my way home from Irvine Ca on northbound 5 fwy when I noticed an ST get on the freeway the same time as me. So I went to try and catch up to it just to see who was driving. Not everyday I see a fellow ST owner. As I got closer I noticed the car had Michigan plates, which kinda...
  12. Article: Another Focus ST Photo Gallery from the L.A. Auto Show

    Top Stories
    Another Focus ST Photo Gallery from the L.A. Auto Show Left Lane has 5 more shots the Focus ST orange color. Thought to be the fully loaded version of the 2013 model. A Focus ST3. It is interesting all of the different angles we are getting from the L.A Auto Show. This car is just...
  13. 2012 Ford Focus ST Trims & Specs - Official Ford Document

    Focus ST General Discussion
    Ford Focus ST Trim and Spec: Get the Full document here: As of Frankfurt Auto Show, this document was pulled off of website. Ford EcoBoost I4 Specs: <tbody> Basic Vehicle Information Model Year 2012 Vehicle Name Ford Focus ST Vehicle Type 5 Door hatchback/...