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  1. Focus ST Performance
    Install Steeda Cold air intake yesterday (shipped to my door two days ealier than FedEx site estimated.) Install from building of new heat shield/removal of old box to new install took approx 1.5 hours. A lot of time could be saved if I were to do it agian. Have contact cement, gasket sealer and...
  2. Focus ST Suspension
    Please shoot me a PM if I can help you with anything! Steeda's Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale has been EXTENDED for 24 HOURS! Check out the awesome deals in Steeda's Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale! - 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on Steeda manufactured parts. (free shipping only applies to select...
  3. Southeast
    Check it out, we have a date set for the 2013 Pony Wars! We'd love to see you out there if you can make it! Mark Your Calendars – The 2013 Pony Wars Are Coming!
  4. Focus ST Performance
    Check out our new video of a customer's 2013 Focus ST dynoing with our (still under development) CAI: 2013 Ford Focus ST Dyno Pull Using Steeda Cold Air Intake - YouTube
  5. Focus ST Videos
    Hey guys, check out this quick video of our CAI on our ST:
1-5 of 9 Results