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  1. Focus ST Suspension
    Hi All Just acquired a silver 2015 ST and have immediately noticed a distinct squeaking noise from the rear end when I push down on the rear section. Got underneath the car and jiggled it a bit and kept hearing the same noise. Has anyone had a similar problem that they can share and how it was...
  2. Focus ST Repair Shop / Service
    Hey, So I've owned my ST3 56 plate for year and a half now and I've recently developed an issue with a knocking noise from what sounds like the front left (passenger side) when switching from driving forward to reverse? and then sometimes when pulling off/changing gear at low speed. I have...
  3. Focus ST Suspension
    I saw a picture of a lowered ST and it made me real antsy to see what it would look like with Tuxedo black and white wheels compared to stock, so I made my own! Let me know your thoughts about the colors, your likes, your dislikes, any feedback! Also I love doing photo manipulation so if...
1-3 of 5 Results