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  1. Vehicles
    Tangerine Scream with 32K adult driven miles. Only 713 ST3's in this color were made in 2013. All factory original and very mods whatsoever. Had the well known issue with engine mounts replaced under recall and made huge difference. Just put on new Centric rotors and EBC Red Stuff...
  2. Focus ST General Discussion
    Hello! I am from Australia! I have a question regarding my 2013 Focus ST. I just noticed (at the time I was writing this) that when I press on my clutch pedal, the RPM doesn't go down straightaway. Like there was a second or 2 delay before the RPM goes down. Also from 6th Gear and stopping on a...
  3. Welcome Yourself
    Hello guys, I'm so excited that I've finally got my Focus ST! It's used with only 500 miles on it with ST3. It's all stock and I'm probably going to keep it this way. I really like the Sound Symposer's noise and the subtle exhaust's noise, not the mention the stock exhaust tip that put Lambo's...
  4. New Edge Performance
    cp-e Intercooler upgrades and cold air intakes now in stock at New Edge Performance. Intakes available in Tangerine Scream, Satin Black, and Race Red. Check them out in the Focus ST section. Focus ST Aftermarket Performance Parts
  5. Focus ST General Discussion
    Was driving on my way home from Irvine Ca on northbound 5 fwy when I noticed an ST get on the freeway the same time as me. So I went to try and catch up to it just to see who was driving. Not everyday I see a fellow ST owner. As I got closer I noticed the car had Michigan plates, which kinda...
  6. Ford ST Nation Information
    The old Tangerine Scream is dead. The color the ST was clad in when it captured the attention of many of us can not be had. Survey results clearly show most respondents preferred the old, but the new is in, and more people seem to be viewing it favorably as they have had time to get used to...
1-6 of 6 Results