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  1. Tires chattering

    Focus ST General Discussion
    I've noticed when I lose traction, my tires chatters, instead of a constant slip/ slide. It happens when I do quick turns or under hard acceleration. Since I leave the traction/ stability control on, maybe it's the traction/ stability doing it's thing? Maybe I'll try putting it in sport/ turn...
  2. Northeast Track Days

    The Motorsport Track
    Thank you to the drivers that joined us at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this past Monday! We had a great day with a ton of driving time, plenty of space on track, and great people. Our next event is back at NHMS on 5/20. It will include run groups for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Please...
  3. FOR SALE FS: Focus ST aftermarket parts (Ohio)

    Going to get things listed and will start taking parts off the car this week. Parts will be sold as is no questions. a. Your Item Description - SEE BELOW b. Your Location - Williamsburg Ohio c. Your Asking Price - See below d. Any Related Photos (Optional) e. Person placing ad - Me f...
  4. FOR SALE STock Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmeric 2 Tires *$300 OBO* (Chicago/Indianapolis/Detroit)

    4 Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymeric 2 tires. 9500 miles on the tires with 8/32" of tread depth from original 10/32". Asking $300 OBO Northeastern Indiana, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Detroit for local pickup More than happy to ship (buyer pays shipping) Left Front Left Rear Right Front Right...
  5. ST Summer Performance Tires and Dirt/ Gravel

    Focus ST Tires & Rims
    First time Browser/Poster I work in Northern Virginia, and as such will be driving back roads off and on, and my question is pertaining to the Default Tires that come with the ST ( i have not purchased it yet, but i will in the next month ) i am already going to be getting Different Tires/Rims...
  6. What all season to get?

    Focus ST Tires & Rims
    So I recently received my TB ST3 and being in lower Michigan I would like to purchase a set of all season tires to go on the stock wheels since the majority of the winter is mainly just cold with very little snow precipitation. There have been numerous discussion on which winter tire would be...
  7. All season Vs Winter/Summer tires

    Focus ST Tires & Rims
    I was in the market for either: winter tires and a second set of rims; Or all seasons. After pricing new rims(OEM) and storage of others, the All Seasons looked pretty good. With the Cold weather here and first dusting of snow the other week, I have swapped the Goodyear Eagle F1 Assemetic 2's...