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  1. Focus ST General Discussion
    So for those of you who have take their Fiestas out for a track day, how do you feel about the car? Any issues or concerns with the car or maybe just how you drive? Would any of you make any modifications to the Fiesta to make it more enjoyable to drive? I'm going to be taking my Fiesta out for...
  2. The Motorsport Track
    Thank you to the drivers that joined us at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this past Monday! We had a great day with a ton of driving time, plenty of space on track, and great people. Our next event is back at NHMS on 5/20. It will include run groups for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Please...
  3. The Motorsport Track
    Took my ST out to a 10/10ths event for my first track day. The car was a blast and held up really well. Makes me want a good set of tires and brakes just for track use.
  4. Focus ST Videos
    I wouldn't mind some constructive criticism of my driving line. Later in the day I was pushing much harder down the hill and onto the back stretch as well as going much wider into the corner just past the start/finish. I did keep getting the brakes too hot though. (i yelled brake fade at one...
1-4 of 4 Results