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  1. What to tell fswerx when ordering access port

    My ST
    Hi all new poster long time reader. I have owned by 2013 focus ST for six months now and it's time for the modding to begin. First things first I want to get an access port from FSWERXS because I heard they have awesome maps preloaded. My question is when you go to the website and order the...
  2. Tune required for COBB catback and downpipe?

    Focus ST Performance
    How does the ST run with the catback and downpipe installed without a tune? Also, my dealership said it is going to take a month to get the replacement motor mounts to fix the 1-2 bang. Should I wait to install the exhaust until the mounts get replaced to avoid warranty issues? (I'm worried...
  3. Access port live data questions

    Focus ST Performance
    Three questions: 1) How do you access the shift light? I imagine I'm overlooking something simple, but I enable it and set the RPMs then go to "Live Data" and cannot find it listed. 2) Why does the boost gauge show a negative level when under no acceleration, why not just zero? 3) What are...
  4. RichTune E-Tuning

    Welcome Yourself
    Hello ST owners. Once Cobb releases the AP for the ST I will be supporting you. The Ford Focus is now the worlds best selling car. I can't wait to learn this new platform.