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  1. What to do first?

    Focus ST Performance
    Trying to figure out what the important things to do are. My 2013 Focus ST has a Steeda FMIC, short-shifter, 3" MBRP cat-back exhaust, high performance air filter, and the Steeda sound symposer delete. In my research I see that a lot of people are replacing the rear motor mount, I assume this is...
  2. Dyno Pull with COBB Accessport Video

    CJ Pony Parts
    COBB AP3-FOR-001 Fiesta ST/Focus ST Tuner Accessport V3 13-14 After we tuned our 2014 Focus ST with our Accessport V3 Tuner from COBB we took it to In-Tune Autoworks for a couple of pulls on the Mustang Dyno. We had pretty good results going through stages 1-3 with the tuner seeing gains in...
  3. Focus ST COBB Accessport V3 Tuner Video 2013-2014

    CJ Pony Parts
    COBB Fiesta ST/Focus ST Tuner Accessport V3 2014/2013-2014 This is the COBB Accessport V3 Tuner for 2013 and 2014 Focus STs and 2014 Fiesta STs. This flexible ECU upgrade solution unlocks power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive...
  4. Focus ST Dyno Pull with COBB Cold Air Intake System

    CJ Pony Parts
    791100 Focus ST COBB Cold Air Intake System Focus ST 2013-2014 | CJ Pony Parts We've recently installed a COBB Cold Air Intake System on our 2014 Focus ST project car, and it's time to see what kind of power it's added! COBB's Cold Air Intake System replaces the restrictive factory piping to...
  5. Cobb AccessPORT for Focus ST

    Focus ST Performance
    Hey all: We will be announcing delivery dates for the ST AccessPORT on Monday. We will also be posting dyno results for our 91 and 93 octane off the shelf maps. While these maps will keep getting better over time, we are giving away a free AP to the first person that can guess our current HP...