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  1. 16" Steel Wheel offset & width?

    Focus ST Tires & Rims
    I'm trying to source a cheap set of winter steel wheels (rims) for my car that will fit the callipers. I have a line on a set of 4 16 inch steel wheels and tires from a volvo V70r that SEEM like they would fit, but I wanted to check if anyone here knows for certain. The diameter is correct...
  2. 2013 Volvo C30 Polestar Limited Edition heads to U.S., only 250 available

    Your Other News
    Volvo is adding a bit of exclusivity to its C30 hatchback for the 2013 model year by offering a special Polestar Limited Edition model in the United States. And we do mean limited – only 250 of the Rebel Blue hatches will be offered, boasting upgraded performance (sort of) and a whole host of...