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  1. Cobb AP

    Focus ST Performance
    I'm sure this has been addressed MORE THAN ONCE but I'm brand new and itching to pull the trigger on a V3 AP. BUT, it's a 2yr lease. Any thoughts on that? How easy is it to remove all traces of it for service or when returning it? Or do they even care that it was done? Also, thoughts on a...
  2. Went in for warranty work and this happened!

    Focus ST General Discussion
    I dropped my 2013 Focus ST off at my local dealership yesterday morning to have the motor mounts replaced they had already ordered under warranty. I was at work when I got a call later around 2 PM and I thought it was the dealership letting me know it was ready until the service advisor told me...
  3. Ford Premiumcare 500+ Extended Warranty - Good Idea?

    Lets Talk Price, Leasing & Financing
    I got my 2014 FoST 202A package. Now I am debating the Ford Extended Warranty. Did you get it? If so, which one, and how much? I plan on keeping car 7+ years, and I drive avg of 15k miles / year. I am offered this by ford finance guy: 5yr / 75k miles : $930 6yr / 100k miles : $1225 What say...
  4. Tune required for COBB catback and downpipe?

    Focus ST Performance
    How does the ST run with the catback and downpipe installed without a tune? Also, my dealership said it is going to take a month to get the replacement motor mounts to fix the 1-2 bang. Should I wait to install the exhaust until the mounts get replaced to avoid warranty issues? (I'm worried...