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  1. More Wheel Ofset Help

    Focus ST Tires & Rims
    Greetings, I'm very new to the car game. Been working on bikes my whole life, so bear with me. I am trying to buy some new wheels for my stock 2017 ford focus ST. I am looking into the XXR 555's (18X8.5 +35mm). Will these wheels fit and allow me to get a standard lowering kit for the car...
  2. Elbrus I06 w/ 225/50R17 Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II 210

    Focus ST Tires & Rims
    These definitely looked much better in person than they did Tirerack, so I'm quite pleased with their appearance. First little bit of snow today. Tires are definitely a bit softer than the stock summers, but I'm extremely glad I had these put on yesterday, just in time for the upcoming...