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  1. Need Complete wheel specs.

    Focus ST Tires & Rims
    I know there are many many threads asking about wheel specs and what will fit. Here is the issue. No one posts what the clearance diameter is. I know for a fact that not all 16 inch wheels are the same. This includes differences between various 16 inch steel wheels. I know this because I bought...
  2. More Wheel Ofset Help

    Focus ST Tires & Rims
    Greetings, I'm very new to the car game. Been working on bikes my whole life, so bear with me. I am trying to buy some new wheels for my stock 2017 ford focus ST. I am looking into the XXR 555's (18X8.5 +35mm). Will these wheels fit and allow me to get a standard lowering kit for the car...
  3. Any recommendations for wheels?

    Focus ST General Discussion
    I am purchasing new tires for my13' FoST. Nitto-NT555G2's. And want to purchase wheels to go with. I currently have the stock ST wheels in black. I don't like all the corners in the stock wheel. Where would the best place/site to search? I have searched tirerack they don't have many options...
  4. New roof rack, front cup spoilers, and freshly powder coated stock wheels!!!!!!!

    Focus ST General Discussion
    My friend over at Intuitive Powder Coating located in Dover, NJ just finished my wheels and I love them! :D If you're in the area I can hook it up just PM me. I also got a new roof rack and Fifteen52 Front cup spoilers. I also included a few professional photos my good friend took. BadFISH:ST:
  5. Focus ST Niche Targa Wheels Video 2013-2014

    CJ Pony Parts
    . Focus ST Niche Targa Wheel 18"x8" +40 Offset Matte Black With Tinted Face Accents Focus ST 2013-2014 | CJ Pony Parts These are the Niche 18" x 8" Matte Black Targa Wheel with Tinted Face Accents and +40 Offset for 2013 and 2014 Focus STs. 18" x 8" Niche Targa wheels will make your Focus ST...
  6. FOR SALE FS: Focus ST aftermarket parts (Ohio)

    Going to get things listed and will start taking parts off the car this week. Parts will be sold as is no questions. a. Your Item Description - SEE BELOW b. Your Location - Williamsburg Ohio c. Your Asking Price - See below d. Any Related Photos (Optional) e. Person placing ad - Me f...
  7. Focus ST Stock Rims - Florida

  8. SOLD 18x8 5x108 Axis XMX w/235/40R18 Ecsta 4X tires (Phila. area)

    My wheels and tires are up for grabs. They're 18x8 Axis XMX wheels in matte/machined silver with 235/40R18 Kumho Ecsta 4X tires. Perfect fit for the ST; put your summer tires on these wheels and swap the Ecstas over to your stock wheels for winter duty. These are a total plug-and-play package...
  9. SOLD 2013 Focus ST Wheels and TPMS!

    ​ SOLD Im selling my full set of wheels and TPMS, these wheels were only on my car for 3 days after I took delivery, not a scratch or dent at all. If you aren't interested in TPMS, I will sell without them and adjust the price accordingly. PRICE: $1,100 OBO (shipping included) EDIT: Just...
  10. Possible future build!

    Focus ST Suspension
    I saw a picture of a lowered ST and it made me real antsy to see what it would look like with Tuxedo black and white wheels compared to stock, so I made my own! Let me know your thoughts about the colors, your likes, your dislikes, any feedback! Also I love doing photo manipulation so if...