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What’s up guys,

So I just bought a Fiesta ST (pretty dam fun car).

So when I bought it.. it came with some JNC004 Hyper Black Machined Lip wheels which are 18x8.5 (which is fine)... however the offset is +30.. pretty sure previous owner has spacers on this wheel as well.

The tire size is 215/35ZR18 which, of course, it is stretched. I do not like stretched stupid stance looks.

I searched the forum and I saw a lot of questions regarding 18x8.5 for +40 to +45 offsets.

However.. if I got a normal 225/40/18 tire on these wheels, will that be okay? Or will it rub the wheel well/fender? As of right now it’s not rubbing, but it is sticking out which I assume is thanks to the wheel spacers.
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