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cp-e FFSTWBM2 Focus ST 2013-2014 xFlex Stage2 Rear Motor Mount

Today we are installing cp-e's xFlex stage 2 rear motor mount on our 2014 Focus ST. The factory motor mount on the Focus ST is well known to be on the weak side. Ford even starting putting in the motor mount from their Electric Focus on the more recent STs. While this has been an improvement, there is still a lot of wheel hop issues when doing more aggressive driving.

cp-e did a completely redesigned the rear motor mount with the eFlex Stage 2. The moved the bushing location allowing from better geometry of the mount and used an EDPM bushing which allows for a better tolerance of heat, so it won't break deteriorate over time. With the use of a low durometer bushing, cp-e was able to create a mount that firmly holds your motor in place with minimal vibration within the cabin.

Installation was pretty simple with basic hand tools, though you will need a lift or a jack and jack stings to get it off the ground. Once installed, we did notice a minimal vibration increase, but wheel hop was eliminated. If you enjoy aggressive driving and want to get rid of that annoying engine sway and wheel hop, the cp-e xFlex Stage 2 rear motor mount is the perfect upgrade.

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