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Hi All,

I did not see an issue posted that had the same symptoms as mine so I figured I'd start a thread.

Issue happened on March 28, cruising hwy at 70mph when suddenly the car kicked out of cruise control and the dash lit up like a christmas tree. Safety restraint light came on, traction control light came on, check engine light came on, and the screen showed 'Engine Fault - Service Immediately'. The car suddenly had no power either, turbo only kicked in while in 6th. When in neutral, flooring the accelerator, it took 6 seconds to get the car to redline. Car was dangerously slow to get moving from a stop - crossing lanes of traffic was a hazard.

Took to dealer on March 29, they had no idea how to fix it. Reached out to Ford Engineering - originally thought it was the throttle body. Upon further investigation (thankfully before replacing said part) they decided it was a PCM issue and have ordered the PCM as of last wednesday. As of Yesterday (monday 4/7) it still had not arrived. To boot, they are not sure it will even fix the issue, they are just hoping.

I'll update this post with news as things develop, if anybody has any similar experience or helpful input that is always appreciated. Thanks.
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