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2014 Focus ST - Paint Delamination Issues

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Is anyone else experiencing Paint Delamination Issues with their vehicle? It started with a very odd place (base of the drivers side A' Pillar (actually a very protected area). When I noticed this I started looking around the vehicle and found it in several places around the liftgate. Now I have it on Class A Surfaces (front of the rear door inside the shingle between the front and rear doors). Basically if I touch the area the paint simply flakes away. I have spent 40 years in automotive and part of that was going thru the paint delamination issues in the late 70's and early 80's. The industry basically solved this in the late 80's and now I have a 2014 vehicle with the problem. Wondering if I am an anomaly, but I expect I am not. Looking to see if there are others with this issue. I have included a pdf to give an indication of what I am seeing.



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Hi and welcome Ken. I haven't tried your attachment as I'm wary of them, particularly when on a work PC. I've got paint bubbling on the front lip of the hood on my 2013 and some other blemishes. I've scaled back detailing now as I'm not going to spend tons of money out of pocket to try to correct the issues. Too bad as it was a decent looking car for the first few years. Wishing you the best with your ST.
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