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Hi there! I would like some opinions and/or good to know when modding my ST.

I can start of with that I am completely in love with it and that is why I am gonna start modding it I will list below -
What I have decided on and what I am still contemplating. If anyone has experience and/or better recomendations for parts listed below I'd be happy to hear em!

First thing of I am looking on new induction and this is what I have come up with so far.

Ford Focus ST AS Performance Group 'A' open Air-filter with Cold Feed Scoop - ND Tuning

Second off I am changing the exhaust system from cat out and what its leaning towards is.

Cat: Scorpion Ford Mk2 Focus ST 200 Cell Sport Cat
Pipes: Ford Focus Mk2 ST225 Turbo Scorpion Cat Back System Black Ceramic Tail

Third of all, I want to get an RS wing from the MK2 facelift RS But I dont know where to get one. (anyone got an idea? Preferably EU)

Some detailing will be done aswell.
Moodlights in the car.
Red painted calipers.
Red detailing around the grill and possibly red mirrors.
White rally style rims.

Thanks beforehand!

Cordially Michael!
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