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Announcing immediate availability of COBB products for the USDM 2014 Ford Focus ST!

COBB Tuning is proud to be first to market with an amazing lineup of performance parts for your brand new 2014 Focus ST! Building upon our extensive knowledge and R&D results, we have added support for Ford’s latest iteration of the hot hatch we fell in love with last year. This includes not only our Accessport handheld tuning device, but also our entire high quality in-house engineered bolt on performance upgrades!

COBB is the only company on the planet that offers a complete high quality tuning solution from start to finish. With our staged packages you can take your car from stock to Stage3 and gain upwards of 26% horsepower and 28% torque at the wheels!

Want more power, launch control, different throttle mapping, or less rev-hang? COBB has an extensive network of world renowned Protuners at your fingertips! Using the most powerful tuning software available for the Focus ST, our Protuner’s can extract every last drop of power from your car and customize how it is delivered to your exact preferences.

DIY? We’ve got you covered too! Built on the backbone of the same powerful software our Protuner’s use is Accesstuner Race. This software is designed to put the power of ECU control into your hands. Tune like a pro, make it yours, satisfy that inner curiosity, and become more intimate with your car using Accesstuner Race!
Check out our extensive lineup available for purchase today at: COBB – Ford Products

Want to see all of these parts in action? Check out our product video!

The COBB Ford Team (Braden, Josh, Chris, Evan, Curtis, Ian, Billy, Mick & Adam)
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