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Hi All,

Long story short I have had an ongoing battle with my headlights in my 2014 ST3. I had the drivers side full headlight housing replaced under warranty at 5k miles due to excessive water inside it. Kept getting a 'headlight fault'. Now I'm at 40k miles and I keep getting 'headlight fault' again. Looking at the lamps, it looks as though the outer LED lamp on the eyebrow is about half brightness. I think this is what is causing it.

Is there something external I can do to fix this? Dealer can't do the 2yr parts warranty on it because Ford Warranty bought the previous one, and my extended parts warranty won't cover headlight housings (so much for 'platinum'). Needless to say, I don't feel like shelling out $1800 for a new light if I don't have to.

I come from a Subaru WRX/STI background and that crowd would bake lights all the time to take them apart. Is that something anyone here has tried? Used to work excellent on Subaru lights.
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