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Barret72 - Order #0001, Dealer# F52440

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Order # = 0001
Dealer # = F52440
Package = ST1
Color = Race Red

Order date according to the VOC = 5-9-12

Thank you for your assistance Interceptor
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Bump for week update. Last request was 8-14-12
VIN 1FADP3L95DL144503

Scheduled to Day (Sep-10-2012)
Well thought I would update this so others have a better idea on how long it will take their vehicle to get wherever they are.

Build date was 9-11-12
ETA via rail to East Texas = 9-29-12 (give or take since these things can change)

All of this was updated via Natasha on Facebook. It might take her a day or two to get with you but she has been very helpful. If you have questions give her your dealer number, name and model / color of your car and she can get you the info you need.
Final update here.

So anyway I know the Parts guy at the dealership since he is in the Mustang Club I am in ( was in?) anyway he messages me and says "hey Barret72, was your ST Red?" and I say "why yes it was". He then was kind enough to Text me a picture of my car getting detailed or what ever they do to get it ready for sale.

He then asked if I want the dealer plastic sticker thing on there and I was able to stop them from putting that on.

Anyway Red ST1 arrived on 9-26-12 and I should be picking it up tomorrow since the sales department was closing about 10 minutes after my contact called.
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