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Breedt is now on Amazon! Please check out our new web store to take advantage of our newly lowered prices on some of our most popular items. These include some newly lowered prices on several items.

Breedt Performance Car Parts

· $35 Symposer Deletes: red, blue, black
· $79 Quick Shift Arm : red, blue, black
· $79 Pedal Spacers: black
· $69 Round Double Engraved Shift knobs: red, blue, black
· $150 Fiesta Rear motor mount

We will be adding more products that are currently found only on our main store website soon.

Also, this weekend only, several items on our website store that are currently offered at a lower price, will go up slightly ($5-$10 or so) after this weekend. We are reevaluating the cost of manufacturing and anodizing, among other things, on a few select items.

· Symposer Delete now $30 will be $35
· Double engraved shift knob now $65 will be $69
· Throttle Spacer now $60 Will be $71
· Fiesta battery hold down now $49 will be $59

Check those items out in our main store Product Store
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