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I'll give that whirl in a couple of weeks. Heading out of town tomorrow for a while so won't get a chance to play with it.

Here are some screen shots of some of the folders and a screenshot of one of the .png images that has all the Nav icons for N.A.

I can play those mpeg-4 files in Quicktime and see the animations.
I realize this thread is old, old, old... but man am I wondering if that trick worked. Just replacing the splash screen animations with an animation of the same size, and the same for the standard ford logo wallpaper. I'd be happy to re-flash my system, but I'm worried that I'm gonna end up bricking my system because "it will know" that I'm screwing around with it. And with no more comments being added to this thread after the "I'mma give this a shot" it just makes me even more paranoid that the attempt was a failure and the poster decided to leave these forums forever as he mourns the loss of his system lol

So, anyone actually try this? :) Gracias
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