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Our good friends over at CP-E were recently interviewed by Street Legal TV in regard to their development on the Focus ST motor.

PRI 2014: cp-e 400-plus HP Turbo Kit For Focus ST, Mustang Kit Soon - Street Legal TV

The EcoBoost platform is Ford?s wave of the future. Propelling everything from small cars, to Ford's F-150, family sedans, and the Mustang, the EcoBoost idea has been a big success. We're already seeing plenty of modified Focus and Fiesta STs on the dyno and the street, and we have little doubt that we?'l be seeing the EcoBoost Mustang making some power numbers to rival it?s V8 brothers in a short time.

At the PRI show cp-e was showing off their latest turbo kit for the Focus ST. The Atmosphere kit from cp-e is designed around the GTX and GT series Garret Turbos. The T04s housings are machined so that nothing changes for the application, no matter which turbo that cp-e offers you choose. This means cp-e can easily match the turbo to the kit, without having to design multiple kits for variations in turbo sizes. ?It uses a stainless steel Tial Vband hot side, that allows you to go from a clip 28 that acts like a 25, all the way up to a 35 or a GTX 35R, and you don?t need to change anything about the kit. This allows the customer to choose the best turbo for their application,? says cp-e?s Josh Adams.

If you want just the intake, just the intercooler, etc, you can buy them separately, which means enthusiasts can upgrade a piece at a time if they don?t want to spend the money on a full kit. -Josh Adams, CPE

The hot side is constructed from 304 stainless steel, and uses CPE?s DownScream for the wastegate. This integrates the wastegate into the downpipe, keeping noise down, and the system stealthy, according to Adams. The cold side is 6061 aluminum, and cp-e offers a lifetime warranty on the hot and cold tubing.
The intercooler is a bar and plate design, and its massive, featuring cast inlet and outlet sides that Adams says minimize boost drop. He says cp-e has found that if you remove the active grill shutters from the Focus ST, and fill the grill opening with an intercooler, the result is the least boost pressure loss, and very low intake air temperatures.

Forged Internals
cp-e was also showing off their new forged rods and pistons, which are being produced by Manley, and will be available through cp-e soon. The prototypes for those parts were installed on the display engine at the show, and there were a few available for viewing as well.

cp-e developed a special manifold for the ST, all EcoBoost four-cylinders, use an integrated manifold design on the cylinder head, the exhaust merge is built to the cylinder head, and fed to the turbo. There is a bolt on flange, that acts as a manifold to the turbo. cp-e?s version is made from 304 cast stainless steel. It features and oversized opening on the cylinder head side, so that if owners decide to have some cylinder head porting done to increase exhaust flow, the part should match.

Another cool feature is that every part in the cp-e kit is modular and offered separately from the kit.

If you want just the intake, just the intercooler, etc, you can buy them separately, which means enthusiasts can upgrade a piece at a time if they don?t want to spend the money on a full kit, says Adams.

On a Focus ST, with stock internals, cp-e has been able to get 400 hp and 380 ft-lbs at the wheels. We still have fuel left to make even more power, but what we need to do now is build the bottom end so that we don't destroy the engine.? Adams is confident there is much more power left in the kit, they just need a built engine to find out how much more power the system can support.

The engineering and lessons learned from the Focus ST kit, should carry over to the Mustang EcoBoost, and cp-e plans for the EcoBoost kit to retain the use of the twin-scroll design. The Focus ST kit should be ready to ship by the end of the first quarter. cp-e is waiting on their 2015 Mustang EcoBoost with the performance pack to arrive, which should be any day now, so they can complete their R&D on that system. It should be available later this year. They're engineering on a Performance Pack car, so that they don't have to engineer two kits, or run into fitment issues between a base model and Performance Pack.

We'll be anxious to see what kind of results cp-e can get out of the Mustang EcoBoost system once it becomes available later in 2015. Keep an eye out for us to report on the test results once they're available.

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