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I have a 2016 Focus ST3 I purchased 4 years ago with 1800 miles on it. Granted it has a rework salvage title so no warranty. It out performed my expectations until about 20k miles when 2nd gear began to thunk into gear. It would shift as normal but when I engaged the clutch it would slam into gear after a second or two. Over the next 10k miles it continued to degrade until I had to skip it altogether. As this went on I decided to purchase Mountune’s synchro rebuild kit, along with the Quaife LSD and installation kit.

So now 37k it’s in a reputable transmission shop disassembled and they informed me, as I suspected that the 2nd gear set needed to be replaced. I need to replace 2nd gear, the shift ring, and a synchro that Mountune does not supply. The shop was just as dismayed as I was to learn that Ford does not supply parts for the manual transmission. They will only sell you a new transmission for $3103.48 + $600 core charge.

Upon disassembly it was discovered that the shift forks were missing the nylon pads. Without the pads there is not enough travel within the system to overcome the remaining slop between the shift ring and fork. Without the pads there is not enough travel to fully push shift ring into gear, causing it to grind. In addition to the shift forks missing the pads, it was also discovered that synchro gears 1-5 were broken. Ford, instead of using a monolithic synchro, decided to use cast steel with flanges. These in turn broke off creating debris within the transmission. Fortunately, they can be replaced with Mountune’s synchro set. Without the pads, there is metal on metal contact between the shift fork and ring causing wear.

Why did the pads fall off to begin with? Was it because of the debris created by the defective synchro’s? Or is it because they nylon pads are so loosely attached and made of such a soft material they easily come loose? Of the all the pads that were missing, only 1 was found that had not completely disintegrated within the transmission.

I have never been one to slam through the gears and I have never been sloppy with my shifts. This is my daily driver for 7-mile round trip commute I don’t even need the freeway for. This has nothing to do with how I drive. This has nothing to do with a salvage title. This is an internal defect with the transmission. I’ve already received a class action settlement over problems with the automatic transmission, why not one for the manual? I know I am not the only to experience this problem.

Fortunately there are parts available from UK off ebay. I just hope it all works out. I didn't expect this to turn into a $6000 project.

Attached is my car, along with the damaged shift ring, gear, and synchro Mountune does not supply. I've also attached a pic of the defective synchro's design where the flanges break off. Shame on Ford. I get it they need to do things to reduce the cost for the consumer, but to degrade the internals of a vital assembly? I plan on sending Ford a letter over it. That or file a complaint with BBB. 20,000 miles and it's already defective, salvage title or not. It wasn't so damaged they couldn't fix it and sell it in it's same year.





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